What does LL INSPIRATION mean?



All it takes is a little light to be shed on a situation for a huge shift to happen. A powerful light shining through a crack in a wall can fill the whole room full of light. When we can open our hearts and allow a tiny bit of light in magic happens. The light penetrates deep within us flooding our whole being, allowing us to see uncomfortable situations with greater clarity.



The choice to love in the most difficult of times is where the greatest progress is made. The many facets of love become more clearly defined when love becomes a daily practice. This allows us the opportunity to experience love as more than an emotion. Love doesn't happen to us, love happens through us. It is an expression of our consciousness manifested into reality.



I find that lasting inspiration is cultivated within the qualities that light and love possess. Inspiration pulled from these sources can last a lifetime. It touches us at a soul level embedding itself into every cell of our body. Believe it or not our cells hear everything we say. So why not speak to them in the healing language of love. 



Our vision at LL Inspiration is to help people to empower themselves to live a healthy, abundant, peaceful and loving life.