Claudette Hayes would love to be the public speaker for your event!


Personal Coaching


During personal coaching sessions, we will clearly define your vision for your life. With your vision in hand, we can quickly identify obstacles and limiting beliefs. We will set challenging but obtainable goals geared towards manifesting your vision into reality, while implementing easy-to-use tools to break through obstacles expanding your belief in yourself. All coaching sessions are tailored with love and care paying the utmost attention to your specific needs. Sessions provide a safe atmosphere where you can gain clarity, release attachment, shift perspective, and speak your truth. Getting to where you want to be is so much easier with a lighter load. With Claudette as your inspirational coach you can let go of what's weighing you down and fly towards your dreams!



Workshops are a great way to take a “hands-on” approach to empowerment. I invite you to come to one of my workshops or I can host a workshop for a group that you choose. Workshops focus on learning powerful tools that aid in creating more positivity in your life, helping you to connect deeply within yourself to effect lasting change. You are the only person that you have the power to change. If your open and willing, I would love to help guide you through that process. I look forward to working with you! Have a beautiful and Blessed day! Sending lots of Light and Love to all!

Keynote Speeches


If you’re looking to inspire your business group, friends, or family Claudette can defiantly get the party started. Have her bring her positive contagious energy to your event lifting it to the next level! Claudette is passionate about life and nothing brings her more joy then inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. With Claudette as your public speaker for your next event, getting empowered has never been so exciting! Keynote speeches will follow the theme of your event with an uplifting and inspiring undertone to them. Positive growth and empowerment are highly treasured by Claudette. She seeks to always have these values be at the core of any speech.